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Home & Space Clearing

Some places just don’t feel right. There are many reasons a home could be considered energetically unhealthy, but living in one can cause problems for those who inhabit them. Issues ranging from general disharmony within the family to serious emotional and physical ills can all result from living in an energetically unhealthy space.

Understanding what is happening within your home or building can take some trouble shooting. That’s where we come in. As psychic/mediums with many years of experience dealing with haunted locations and haunted people, we understand the different factors that can cause a home or land area to carry negative energies. We are equipped to identify the source of these energetic imbalances and rectify them accordingly.


Other Causes For An Energetically Unhealthy Home

Residual Hauntings

Sometimes a home or space may “feel” haunted but it is not actively so. We call this a residual haunting. Often, if there have been intense emotions in a particular area or space due to tragic circumstances or volatile situations; an energetic imprint is formed. This may manifest as a feeling of heaviness or depressive energy in a particular home or area.  It may also manifest as a replaying of events, causing the appearance of “ghosts”, and phantom sounds, when in actuality this is only an energetic imprint replaying events on an etheric field. These stagnant and heavy energies can be quickly cleared away and the home is then infused with blessings and light. The results are usually immediate.

Geopathic Stress and Leylines

 The flowing earth energies on the surface of the planet as well as those radiating earth energies from below the surface; all have a very significant effect on our health and well being. These meridian like energy streams that move above and below the earth are called ley lines. These lines can be positive, neutral or negative. When negative ley lines are running under or over a home or parcel of land, there can be serious consequences. Sleeping or living in one of these areas causes geopathic stress. One can become quite ill or emotionally disturbed as a result. It is also believed that many paranormal occurrences are intensified at an intersection of negative ley lines. Once identified, there are a number of remedies available to help neutralize these harmful radiations.  It is crucial to be free of these damaging energy fields.